Elastic Warp-knit Fabrics

Elastic warp-knit fabrics form the main product group of LSEZ "Lauma Fabrics" SIA. Polyamide and elasthane yarns are predominantly used to manufacture these articles. Tricot and Raschel warp-knits are manufactured on the equipment of gauge 24, 28, 32 and 40. There is a wide range of products available: starting with robust, classically functional materials and ending with exclusive modern materials. The company manufactures meshes, atlases, powernets and satinets, microfiber tricot knits, satin gloss materials, silk gloss materials and smooth and structured articles. Elastic knitted fabrics are intended for sewing corsetry and are also used for moulding and printing. Elastic knitted fabrics are available in a unified scale of colours with the rest of the assortment of own-produced articles.