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A brief timeline...

1961 – At a time of comparatively high unemployment in Liepaja, the idea of establishing a lingerie factory in the city gets a high response.
1965 – The factory construction design is developed by a group of experts from five scientific institutes in St. Petersburg, Riga, Kiev, Ivanovo and Vilnius. Soon after, the construction of the factory is started and its initial name is 'Women’s Toiletry Production Factory'.
1969 – The new factory is renamed 'Lauma'.
– The first shop producing ribbons and knitted fabrics is opened. 625 employees are working for the company.
– Construction of the factory is completed, the production blocks occupy 11 ha and the total area of the company is 27 ha. There are 5 workshops in the factory: lace knitting, ribbon weaving, silk weaving, dyeing and finishing, as well as a sewing shop.
– The total amount of employees reaches 5000.
– After the privatisation of the State factory it becomes the Joint Stock Company AS Lauma.
– The vast majority of the company’s products are granted the Öko-Tex certificate. 1200 employees are working for the Company.
2003 – The quality and environmental management systems of the company are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.
– A subsidiary of AS Lauma – SIA "Lauma Fabrics" is established, which produces raw materials for lingerie production. SIA „Lauma Fabrics" is registered with the Commercial Register of the Register of Enterprises on 21 October 2005 in accordance with the applicable lawsof the Republic of Latvia.
2006 – SIA „Lauma Fabrics"s acquires one of the leading lace manufacturers in Europe – the French lace design centre Desseilles Fabrics, located in Calais, France. From now on SIA „Lauma Fabrics" and Desseilles Fabrics participate in exhibitions together.
New Jacquardtronics and Textronics lace knitting machines are acquired through the investment of over 3.5 million EUR.
In March the concept and logo of the medical product brand Lauma Medical is developed, and its registration started in the largest markets. With the investment of approximately 570 000 EUR in technology and production development, within two years all thread winding, covering and warping equipment is completely replaced, and new technologies in ribbon production are also developed.
2007 – Nine lace production machines are brought to Liepaja from Desseilles Fabrics in France. The total capacity of the Latvian factory doubles. SIA „Lauma Fabrics" becomes one of the largest lace manufacturers in Europe.
2008 – New generation 32 and 40 gauge knitting machines are acquired, thus allowing the company to offer exclusive new knitted elastic fabrics in the market. SIA „Lauma Fabrics" actively participates in exhibitions in France, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as other countries.
The company introduces its medical products in some new markets – Kazakhstan, Moldova and Germany, as well as enters into active cooperation with a sales agent in the United Kingdom.

2009 – In March the new company SIA "Lauma Distribution" is established in order to develop the promotion of medical products in the largest SIA „Lauma Fabrics" markets.
The transfer to a version of elastic medical bandage Latex Free by replacing latex with elastane began in August after registration on the largest markets in CIS countries.
By purchasing new devices, raising production capacity, and training personnel, a new structural unit - Moulding Workshop (Lauma Moulding Services) is established at the end of the year and the thermal moulding of textile materials commenced, which means that in addition to textile materials such as lace and elastic and rigid knitwear, the company also offers specifically treated raw materials to its clients.
The Association of Latvian Lingerie Manufacturers is established pursuant to the initiative of SIA "Lauma Fabrics" ’ management.
SIA "Lauma Fabrics" takes 3rd place in the Most Export Capable Merchant category among large and medium commercial companies at Export and Innovation Award 2009, organised by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

2010 – A new structural unit, Lauma Direct, is established at the company with the aim of developing a closer link between materials manufactured by SIA "Lauma Fabrics" and the clothing where these products are used.

2011 - SIA "Lauma Fabrics" and Italian entrepreneurs – A.Solinas and  G.Locatelli – establish a joint venture – SIA "Emme Latvia", which manufactures embroidered lace. SIA "Emme Latvia" was registered in the Commercial Register of the Register of Enterprises on 2 November.

2013 - 27 December 2013 our company name has been changed to LAUMA FABRICS SIA of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone. The change is caused by granting to the company the status of the capital company of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone.